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Dr. Emmet Brown and Marty McFly in Back To the Future with Film Reel flowing around them

Side A "Memories" About all of us

We know how important old memories are but we live in a world that changes so fast with exponential technologies quickly outpacing the old ways. Many of us have left behind the good old analogue methods of tape, film and slides and replaced them with computers, smart devices and cloud based storage, kids these days don't know the ways Side A and B of the Sony Walkman or the 4-Track, now with their Bluetooth car systems and USB Readers. Most people have replaced the VHS machine with a DVD or Blu-ray Player or even a Playstation or Xbox.

That's why we do what we do, we remember the good old days, back when you could rent a movie and highspeed dub a copy of Alladin for the kids and forget to rewind the tape before giving it back to Video Town with your R20. We have all the old tech from the commercial VHS, high end 8mm, to broadcast BETACAM, it's like a time machine from Back To The Future except without the Delorean. We take your memories and bring them to the future (from when Kodak was a thing to where Google is a thing). We're in Roodepoort Johannesburg but we deliver all over the country.

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